The Inspiring Journey of Karel Spurny: Pioneering Modularity in Home Construction

From his humble beginnings in the conversion of shipping containers to his groundbreaking foray into modular homes, Karel’s story is one of resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality. Discover how his path led to the creation of Mobilni Domy, a company at the forefront of modular construction, offering efficient and high-quality homes.

The Genesis: Conversion of Shipping Containers

In 2016, Karel Spurny set out on a bold venture, establishing his business in the field of shipping container conversion. With an exceptional team, he successfully crafted four container houses and undertook numerous smaller projects, showcasing his team’s creativity and versatility. However, unforeseen circumstances and market changes would soon steer Karel in a new direction.

The Shift towards Modularity: A New Horizon

During a fortuitous encounter in the winter of 2021, Karel met Milan BorĂ¡k, the owner of an implementation company specializing in wooden, mobile homes. Their meeting sparked a realization of the immense potential in combining their expertise. Milan’s team introduced Karel to the concept of modular construction, while Karel shared the vast possibilities offered by buildings from shipping containers. A shared vision emerged, leading to a collaboration that would change the course of their respective journeys.

Modular Construction Unveiled: Advantages and Innovations

As Mobilni Domy took shape, Karel Spurny and his team embraced the power of modularity in home construction. By building individual modules in their controlled production hall, they ensured optimal quality and streamlined assembly. The advantages of modular homes became apparent:

Efficiency and Speed: Constructing modules off-site eliminates weather-related delays, resulting in faster, more accurate, and cost-effective construction. Within a single day, Mobilni Domy assembles modules on-site into a complete house, completing connections, facades, roofs, and ground work.

Quality Assurance: Mobilni Domy guarantees the quality of materials used and offers a remarkable 20-year warranty on the execution of their modular homes.

Customization and Flexibility: Like building blocks, modular construction offers flexibility in design and configuration. Modules can touch and overlap, allowing for various layouts and adaptability to different needs.

Cost-Effectiveness: Mobilni Domy’s mobile modular buildings start from 36,000 CZK (about $1650) per m2, providing an affordable option without compromising durability or longevity.

Minimal On-Site Disruption: With construction primarily taking place in their workshop, Mobilni Domy ensures a quiet and organized building process on your property, free from noise and clutter.

Driven by a passion for innovation and a dedication to customer satisfaction, Mobilni Domy continues to push boundaries in modular construction. Their expanding production capacity, inclusion of designers, architects, and planners, and unwavering commitment to quality ensure that each Mobilni Domy home is a testament to excellence.