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Hello to all lovers of sustainability and clean energy! I am Elsa and I am excited to share with you this exciting news: our “Energy Transition is Fun” YouTube channel. I will personally take care of the channel and listen to your requests. If you are passionate about the environment, renewable energy and want to do your part in preserving the planet, this channel is for you.

Elsa Energy Transition is Fun

What is “Energy Transition is Fun?”

The channel combines information and entertainment to create something unique dedicated to energy transition and sustainability. Here you will find engaging videos that explore topics related to renewable energy, reducing environmental impact, and eco-conscious living.

What Can You Expect from the Channel?

The videos featured on “Energy Transition is Fun” are made in an engaging, simple and accessible style. Not only will you receive information about renewable energy and sustainability, but you will also be engaged through a dynamic presentation, inspiring visual elements, and a touch of humor.

The Trailer…

Facebook & Instagram

The news doesn’t end there! “Energy Transition is Fun” also has a dedicated Facebook page and an Instagram account where you can connect with other environmental lovers and share your ideas on sustainability. Interact with the community, ask questions, share your experiences and discover new perspectives on energy transition. This is the only way we can make the best of it, together!

Blog Insights

If you want to explore even more, our blog is here for that. Created long before the channel, it offers the most detailed information and all the insights on the topics covered in the videos. Here you can find additional resources, technical insights, and success stories that will inspire you to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

Join Us in the Energy Transition!

Subscribe to the channel on YouTube, follow us on social networks, and visit the blog regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends.

Now is the time to learn, share and have fun as we work toward a better future. We look forward to sharing with you knowledge and experiences that will make a difference.

We will do our best!


Stay tuned for exciting new videos, engaging discussions, and practical tips to help with the energy transition.

Thank you for being part of our green and bright community!

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